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Missing chat box

Missing chat box in WordPress

How to restore missing chat box in WordPress

This is how we solved the problem with a missing chat box in WordPress.

On our site – Body n Soul – we use to chat with our customers. We’re selling high quality ecological CBD oil  and to many people this is a jungle. Especially to newcomers. But one day our chat box went missing from our WordPress installation. Here’s how we restored it.

To ensure our customers the best quality of service and advice we use chat to engage with our customers. We have several customers writing us every day with questions and – we hope – we give them our best advice.

Writing emails is not optimal since the potential customer might leave our page and never return.

Chatting with customers is way better and it gives instant feedback.

But suddenly the number of request and questions went from 15-20 per day to zero…overnight?

In the beginning we could not understand what had happened. Until we researched the matter. We discovered that the chat box has disappeared from our site. Completely.

We could not figure out why. After some investigations we concluded that the upgrade of the Elementor theme might have caused this misbehavior.

The solution to restore the chat box

Obviously the upgrade of the theme has removed some meta data from the header. So the solution was to find out what and why.

For the chat box to reappear we had to restore the referrer meta data like this:


which in WordPress terms translates into adding the following to your themes functions.php file:

function add_meta_tags() {

<?php }

add_action('wp_head', 'add_meta_tags');

Having added this function and reloading the pages the chat box reappeared on our WordPress site. And everybody is happy now.

Read more about this great plugin here.

Read about http headers over at Mozilla. They know their stuff.


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